Our Local Partners

As a part of The MENTOR Network, the IFCS team works closely with our local partners in The Network to provide a continuum of care to people in Maryland, Massachusetts, North Carolina, and Virginia.  Visit our Locations page for a list of our program locations and contact information.

MENTOR Maryland

Our Local Partner in Maryland

Founded in 1990, MENTOR Maryland began as a single service provider, serving children with developmental disabilities through The Network’s Therapeutic Foster Care program.  Since then, MENTOR Maryland has expanded their service offerings and now serves hundreds of children and youth through an array of programs.  Our team works with MENTOR Maryland to offer family preservation services and periodic support services to families and individuals in Maryland.  Go to MENTOR Maryland to learn more about our local partner.

Massachusetts MENTOR

Our Local Partner in Massachusetts

For more than 30 years, Massachusetts MENTOR has been providing services to adults and children.  They were one of the first community-based providers in the country to offer adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities the opportunity to live in homes as opposed to institutions. Massachusetts MENTOR’s commitment to giving adults and children of all abilities the chance to lead full lives in the community fueled their growth and inspired the development of the innovative services that make up their continuum of care today.  The IFCS team is proud to be part of this continuum of care. We currently provide our services to families and individuals throughout Massachusetts.  Go to Massachusetts MENTOR to learn more about our local partner.

North Carolina MENTOR

Our Local Partner in North Carolina and Our Neighboring Partner in Southern Virginia

Building on The Network's reputation as a leading provider of Therapeutic Foster Care, North Carolina MENTOR opened its doors in Raleigh in 1993.  They quickly became a key provider of Therapeutic Foster Care and other family-based residential services.  North Carolina MENTOR has since grown in its reach across the state and in the range of services it provides. We work with our colleagues at North Carolina MENTOR to further extend the array of supports they offer.  We also work with North Carolina MENTOR to provide services to people in Southern Virginia.  Go to North Carolina MENTOR to learn more about our local partner.