Our Services

Our goal is to help families stay together and to help individuals live more independently in the communities they call home.  We offer personalized services to meet the needs of families and individuals facing a range of challenges.  The people we serve include:

  • Families facing out-of-home placements
  • Children reentering their family home
  • Juvenile offenders
  • Children and individuals with mental health challenges
  • Individuals reintegrating into the community
  • Individuals with substance abuse challenges

The services our team provides are part of a continuum of care.  In addition to providing the people we serve with family preservation services and periodic supports, we are also able to offer access to The MENTOR Network’s residential programs and support services. Together with our local partners in The Network, we work to ensure that families and individuals have the supports they need.

How We Help Families

The IFCS team helps keep families together by improving family life and functioning.  We offer support services and family preservation services to help families get back on track.  For family preservation services, we provide Family Centered Treatment® (FCT©).  FCT is a best practice, evidence-based model—that means the program is proven to work. Ninety percent of families we treat with the FCT model stay together.*

FCT for families
FCT for public partners

How We Help Individuals

We provide support services to individuals with substance abuse issues and mental health challenges and to individuals who are reintegrating into the community from institutional settings.  We create a support system for the individuals we serve through case management, outpatient services, and therapeutic supports.  Our goal is to help the individuals we serve become more independent so that they can lead full, rich lives in the community.

*Based on reports by FamiliFirst using averages of data collected over a five-year period.