Hear from Our Families

“We started communicating better and spending time together as a family.”
— Tonya, a client, on the positive changes she noticed her family make during treatment

“Words can’t express how much it meant to have people that care.”
— Steven, a client, on his experience working with the IFCS team

“They helped me in so many ways. Especially my specialist. In her I have found a true friend.”
— Ayana, a client, on her experience with IFCS

Selyna Comes Home

Tonya didn’t know how to help her daughter. Selyna struggled with emotional challenges and often acted out.  When her behavior became too much for her parents to handle at home, Selyna was placed into foster care.  She had a hard time adjusting to life in foster care and was moved to multiple homes.  Searching for a way to help Selyna, her social workers believed that what she really needed was to be with her family—that she could be happy and successful at home if she and her family had the supports they needed to overcome their challenges.  To ensure they had the right supports, the social workers referred Selyna and her family to IFCS.

Family Centered Specialist Yvette worked closely with the family, using the Family Centered Treatment® model to get to the root of their challenges and find practical solutions.  Through planned exercises, she helped them communicate better and taught Selyna how to manage her emotions and improve her behavior.  Yvette also helped Selyna’s parents learn how to parent as a team, offering their kids structure, constructive discipline, and a warm, nurturing home where they could thrive together as a family.  Today, Selyna is happy at home.  While not every day has been easy, Selyna and her family are stronger than ever.